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Economical Team Ethics Analysis Model eBook

$29.00 USD

No team likes to go through the ordeal of dealing with an actual OR perceived ethical dilemma. Yet they seem to be inevitable in today’s workplace. It could be by a team member, leader, or even a client or customer. Regardless, this consultative Team Ethics Analysis Model 15 page e-book will walk you and your team through a SAFE method to promptly resolve whatever ethical challenge you may face. AVOID having any ONE member force everyone else into a possibly INDEFENSIBLE POSITION. Learn how to consultatively TEST OPTIONS before deciding what to do. Use the included actual CASE STUDY to practice the entire process BEFORE you need to implement it under short-notice and stressful times. Whether you’re a team lead, member, or supervise multiple teams, take the initiative NOW to help prepare yourself and others with this and other CONSULTATIVE SKILLS educational offerings. It’s the safe, prudent, and right thing to do.

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Business Empathy Tool

$97.00 USD

Are your business relationships worth the 20 seconds it takes to convert hollow words to true CONNECTION? Your valuable time and energy are often wasted by simply plowing ahead with your intended message BEFORE the recipient is ready to react. Yet you may not have the time or interest to ...wait... for them to become more receptive. Learn how to immediately apply this powerful Business EMPATHY Tool that leverages only 20 seconds of your focus into a more significant relationship, ready to solve both current and future problems together faster. Extra bonus: this tool can also provide life-changing breakthroughs relating to family and friends, too! Watch the video by Rolf Foster-Jorgensen, founder of the Business Empathy Tool and 30+ year successful consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach for Fortune 500 and other clients. Then download your copy of the tool to keep handy near your computer and telephone for easy implementation whenever you want to TRANSFORM relationships into ACTION.

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Situational ALERTness

$195 USD

Say the right things for the right situations so others stop doubting you or your team's abilities! Misaligned comments by YOU or ANY member of YOUR TEAM UNDERMINE: Smoothly communicating RELATIONSHIPS Bottom-line BUSINESS RESULTS CAREER defining goal ACCOMPLISHMENTS There's an easily-learned SOLUTION so your people-skills don't become obsolete! Situational ALERTness is an ADVANCED CONSULTATIVE SKILLS training from ROLF FOSTER-JORGENSEN, 30+ year expert Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, and Consultant to Fortune 500 clients and entrepreneurs. Learn shortcuts to EARNING more RESPECT and TEAM BUY-IN for positive initiatives of any kind. You'll learn: To RECOGNIZE HOW RECEPTIVE others are likely to be toward your ideas, The ENERGY they tend to exert, Their most likely ACTIONS. Most importantly, you'll learn how to INFLUENCE their likely receptivity, energy and actions BEFORE you need their support or lack of resistance. Your Situational ALERTness training includes SIX succinct ONLINE video modules, a ONE-PAGE DOWNLOADABLE MODEL to keep by your computer or phone for convenient access, plus access to the Team Ethics Analysis Model e-book, Business Empathy Tool, and Rapid Growth Risks learning. Many clients regularly pay me thousands of dollars for coaching and training, and Situational ALERTne...

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Strategy Session to explore High Performance Coaching

$497. USD

Learn the psychology, physiology, productivity, and persuasion secrets of the world’s most accomplished people OK, so people call you a high performer. You’re smart, work hard, and earned everything you have. So why isn’t that enough? Because in your heart and soul, you know you can still do better. You’re capable of stepping it up to another level, if you just had some help. I know, you think you don’t need anyone’s help, and certainly don’t want to ask for it. Or, is it that you just don’t want others to KNOW you received any help? What could you have in common with current and former CEO’s Jonathan Schwartz (Sun Microsystems), Steve Bennett (Intuit), Bob Nardelli (Home Depot), William R. Johnson (H.J. Heinz), or even Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, or Oprah Winfrey? Along their paths to outstanding success, they used professional coaches to help them pull the best out of themselves, even when they were already on top. How soon do you want to achieve your best? Our extended global network of Certified High Performance Coaches can discretely assist you and your team excel and succeed above standard norms, consistently over the long-term!  This means greater than your peers, and even your past success. That is what you are looking for, right? Rolf Foster-JorgensenFounding Member of Global Certifie...

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Consultative Skills Face-To-Face Class for 6-30 people

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Do you or your team call yourselves consultants? Does every member appear that way to your internal/external clients? When you meet a prospective new client, what will show him or her in the first 5 minutes that EACH of you truly are operating as a consultant?What benefits might a more consultative team accomplish if you learned how to Lead Consultative Teams?-Business and financial objectives -Group/Unit/Department prestige -Personal development goals -Career advancement opportunitiesConsultative Skills: Influential Collaboration is typically an intensive and creative 3-day classroom immersion into the key behavioral strategies and tools to establish and maintain business value-oriented relationships with internal and external clients and client teams. It is ideally suited for new or existing teams that seek to raise client value perceptions of their capabilities. It addresses how to transform client perceptions from “service providers” to “insightful advisors”.Participants regularly compliment us on our rigorous internal team case studies, which may optionally be customized as needed or left intact. The intended educational insights that all teams generate are transferable to their real life responsibilities through the team experience and professionally facilitated debriefs. Clients tell us this cour...

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