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Rolf Foster-Jorgensen

Catapult your performance ahead of internal and external competitors by applying Rolf's 30+ years of discrete coaching and facilitation experience with all levels of Fortune 500 influencers. Space is limited so APPLY NOW!

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Super Achievers Summit Speaker

I was honoured to be a featured speaker at the inaugural Super Achievers Summit in Bengaluru, India in 2017.


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You've already invested decades in your corporate career. Yet there MUST be MORE, right? Our blend of discrete coaching and challenging training is different than any other life or business coaching you may have tried. It's only for a select few who truly aspire High Performance in ALL aspects of a more fulfilling life.

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In High Performance Academy's founding global group

Building on 25+ years of independent coaching, I was one of the first to apply the distinctively excellent Certified High Performance Coach program.

Called a "Coach's coaching ambassador"

I've been honoured on stage twice with Brendon Burchard, the world's leading high performance coach, to provide coaching tips to other coaches.

Does your entire TEAM act CONSULTATIVELY?

What does it cost you when even one team member alienates a customer, or improperly scopes a project? Do they ALL know how to diplomatically and CONSULTATIVELY CHALLENGE execYOUtives sm?

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  • Collaboratively Persuade Clients
  • Inspire Thought Leadership to Action
  • Negotiate Insights into Team Results
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Learn how to INFLUENCE others' likely receptivity, energy and actions BEFORE you need their support, or lack of resistance!

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Business Empathy Tool

Articles in Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur and elsewhere report how crucial empathy is to your success. Yet, how effectively is that done in a sincere and authentic manner? Learn how to invest just 20 seconds to dramatically improve any or all of your work and personal relationships.

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Team ETHICS eBook

Learn an innovative method for TEAMS to consultatively resolve potential ethical dilemmas, BEFORE they destroy relationships and careers!

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You don’t need a Consultant title to scope client needs and share insightful advice
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Rolf Foster-Jorgensen

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"Rolf is an amazing instructor and it is a pleasure and honour to learn from him. A very humble, genuine soul."

Luke Loran
Marketing Partner, Equipment Capital Corp, Former CFO Spirit Pipelines Ltd

"My biggest win from high performance coaching with Rolf is feeling confident that I can navigate any situation presented while functioning at my highest potential. Although our discussions for the most part remained focused on business scenarios, I found myself applying the learned behaviors to all facets of my life. Having the tools and techniques to help one get through challenges in a work environment or in one's personal life with ease, is extremely valuable."

Bronwyn Lynch
Product Owner, AutoAnything dot com

"Thank you for coaching me in raising my PowerPoint presentation slides from the status of typical/boring/detailed to colourful/impactful/easily understood, giving me the support I needed to deliver my presentation with confidence, passion, and flamboyance."

Rosalynn MacGregor
President & Chief Engineer, Sapphire Engineering Services Ltd.

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