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Are your business relationships worth the 20 seconds it takes to convert hollow words to true CONNECTION?

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The tool is easy to comprehend, practice and periodically apply as needed, for dramatic improvements in ANY relationship.

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Your valuable time and energy are often wasted by simply plowing ahead with your intended message BEFORE the recipient is ready to react. Yet you may not have the time or interest to ...wait... for them to become more receptive.

Learn how to immediately apply this powerful Business EMPATHY Tool that leverages only 20 seconds of your focus into a more significant relationship, ready to solve both current and future problems together faster. Extra bonus: this tool can also provide life-changing breakthroughs relating to family and friends, too!

With this economical purchase, just watch the video by Rolf Foster-Jorgensen, founder of the Business Empathy Tool and 30+ year successful consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach for Fortune 500 and other clients. Then download your copy of the tool to keep handy near your computer and phone for easy implementation whenever you want to TRANSFORM relationships into ACTION.

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