We ALL NEED PEOPLE...NOW more than ever

Learn why others make their choices and how to proactively INFLUENCE their likely receptivity, energy and actions... BEFORE you need their support or lack of resistance

Situational ALERTness is:

an ADVANCED CONSULTATIVE SKILLS training from ROLF FOSTER-JORGENSEN, 30+ year expert Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, and Consultant to Fortune 500 clients and entrepreneurs. Learn shortcuts to EARNING more RESPECT and TEAM BUY-IN for positive initiatives of any kind.

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Feed your MIND while protecting your body

Learn why Rolf Foster-Jorgensen's SituationalALERTness is exactly what you need...NOW...during such uncertain times!


Say the right things for the right situations

(so others stop doubting you or your team's abilities)

Misaligned comments by YOU or ANY member of YOUR TEAM UNDERMINE:

  • Smoothly communicating RELATIONSHIPS
  • Bottom-line BUSINESS RESULTS

Here's What You'll Learn

  • To RECOGNIZE HOW RECEPTIVE others are likely to be toward your ideas
  • The ENERGY they tend to exert
  • Their most likely ACTIONS
  • YOUR APPROACHES most suitable to the situations

SIX succinct ONLINE video modules

Allows comfortable processing at your own pace, including a surprise perspective near the end

Now is YOUR time!


For convenient access near your computer, phone and desk

Bonuses, access to


Business Empathy Tool video learning 

Rapid Growth Risks video learning 

Team Ethics Analysis Model e-book

(Bonuses subject to change)

Acknowledge three key facts right now.

  • You work in a difficult business environment,
  • You're striving to increase your influence and effectiveness, and
  • You WANT the recognition and prestige of becoming THE person others look to for guidance on how to get others to do the right things!

Most people who are serious about advancing their career or business take a look at Situational ALERTness and immediately apply it to any interaction, at work and at home, in which they need the support and cooperation of others. The boss and co-workers will see you as someone they can count on to take actions that alleviate or resolve problems, instead of wasting energy adding more suspenseful "drama", or always having to escalate issues for others to fix. Even your partner at home will appreciate your venting less frustration, right?

That's why you'll LOVE Situational ALERTness, where you can have the inside track on WHY others may be taking inappropriate actions in various situations. AND, know how to influence yourself and others to change the old actions into newly supportive choices that alertly match the situation.

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Believe in YOURSELF! You Can DO THIS!

Here's an easily-learned SOLUTION so your people-skills don't become obsolete! NOW is the time for your Situational ALERTness TRANSFORMATION!


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